How To Connect Internet In Your Desktop, Laptop, PC Using WiFi

Everyone know about WiFi, But I am share short overview of WiFi, WiFi Stand for Wireless Network, and that network is used for connecting Internet in PC, Laptop and Mobile and this is best method to accessing Internet without using any Wire or Cable.

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Connect Internet in Your Desktop, Computer using WiFi

What Hardware is Needed For Connecting WiFi Connection In PC/Laptop:

    If you are using PC then you Will need WiFi Adapter External

    1. PC/Laptop
    2. WiFi Modem/ WiFi Device
    3. If you have WiFi Enable Mobile then you will also able to connect Internet in PC/laptop Using Android Mobile (WiFi)

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If Your Laptop, Computer are not WiFi Adapter then Try this

Hi, if you using PC, then PC has not WiFi enable, so what will do for connecting Internet in PC by WiFi. Nothing to worry about that, you need WiFi Adapter, which allow to connect Internet in PC via WiFi. So some WiFi Adapter Name are:
    Actiontec Wi-Fi Adapter - IEEE 802.11n USB
    Cisco Valet Connector AM10

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Connect Internet in Your Computer, PC, Laptop, Desktop using WiFi and access Internet

    1. Than connect in USB port and wait few minutes than open My Computer folder and click on Removable Drive and installed driver of WiFi device.

    2. Now open software of WiFi (means driver) And find WiFi network

    3. Than they return search list of available WiFi Network

    4. So click on any one and if they password protected than enter password and connect WiFi internet, If password not set in WiFi Network than you need to click on Connect Button so internet connected in your Desktop.

Manually Connection To A Wireless Network:

If you not any setting about WiFi in PC and you are using Windows 7/8 in your PC then you don't need anything, just Turn ON WiFi in PC/Laptop, then you will see Notification About WiFi in Network And Sharing Option, so just click on it and Enter Password if any, then connect WiFi internet in PC/laptop Easily.


I am share this article because I want to provide Method to Connect Internet in PC/Laptop using WiFi. So I am provide all to all detail which are required for this, but if you have any problem then please share your problem and issue. I am share Windows based tutorial, by this tutorial you learn "how to connect Internet in PC/Laptop by WiFi(Wireless Network)". I am try to share this tutorial step by step, if you found any mistake so please comments and suggestion.

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