How To Clean The Cache Of Any Apps In The Android Phone

Cache is temporary storage file container which makes the space in the Mobile Memory whenever required. Whenever cache storage gets fully loaded, hanging problem comes across in our mobile device because mostly all kinds of Mobile Memory(External /Internal) processed through cache memory.
So here we are going to discuss how to free cache memory in Android Mobile:
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How to clear cache from Android Mobile:

Step 1: Open The Setting And List of Apps
1. Tap the "Menu"
2. Than Open The "Setting"
3. After that find the "Application" Option under the Setting.
4. Now tap the "Application >> Manage Application"
5. After that Select "All" Option which are appeared on the Top of Screen.
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Step 2: Clear The Cache And Data

6. Now you see all the apps which are installed in your mobile pre-installed and installed by you.
7. So select any one app. 
8. Now you see the "Clear Cache And Clear Data" option 
9. Now first tap on the Clear Data then tap on the Clear Cache option
10. After that select every apps individual and clear cache.

Step 3: Clear Cache of All Apps by Single Click
If you want to clear all the cache by the single click than you need the App for this purpose.


I am share clear cache from apps and games from android mobile, so read this article and provide your suggestion and comments.


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