Increase The Battery Backup Of Micromax Android Mobile

Android Mobiles consume more battery power so how to decrease consumption of battery and increase battery backup. So there are very easy steps which help us out to increase battery backup in android mobile and here we are going to discuss about Micromax A54 Mobile.
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Increase Battery Backup of Android Mobile:

I am provide this tutorial step by step, so read every step and increase battery backup of android mobile easily. Steps are-

Step 1: Set Brightness of Mobile:

Micromax A54 is good mobile is lowest price so we need more battery backup in Micromax A54 Mobile. So firstly set Brightness: 
1. Tap "Setting" 
2. Tap "Display"
3. Now open "Brightness" And set it for lower value for more battery backup because if you set high brightness than your battery consumption will be more so set normal then battery backup will be high.

Step 2: Turn OFF "WiFi And Bluetooth":

If you are using WiFi and Bluetooth then battery consumption will be high because these features are more battery consumable. So only turn these features ON whenever required otherwise Turn OFF features.
1. Tap "Setting"

2. Tap "Wireless and network"
3. Turn OFF Bluetooth and WiFi
And Turn ON When you have need.

Step 3: Use GSM Or WCDMA Only Network:

If you are using 3G services in mobile then you need to enable "WCDMA Only" Network in mobile then you can use 3G services, And if you are using 2G service then Enable "GSM Only".
      If you have enabled both then battery consumption of your mobile will be very high and if you use "WCDMA only" then also your battery consumption can be lower as compared to both. And if you not use 3G service than enable "GSM only" network than battery backup will be high.

1. Tap "Setting"
2. Tap "Wireless and network"
3. Tap "Mobile Network"
4. Tap "Dual SIM Setting"
5. Tap "Network Mode"
6. Now Enable "GSM only" for 2G network Only
7. Or Enable "WCDMA only" for 3G network Only
8. Or Enable "GSM/WCDMA (auto mode)" for 2G and 3G network both.

Step 4: Make Battery Backup is high:

1. Tap "Menu"
2. Tap "Clock"
3. Press "Setting icon"
4. Than lock mobile

After that your mobile backup will be high because in this mode mobile uses very low battery.

I am trying this mode in Micromax A54 mobile, when I charge mobile 94% after enable clock mode, after 12 hour battery status shows  87%. So use that mode then your battery backup will be more and and you will get high battery performance.

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I am share tutorial for increase backup and performance of battery of Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Maxx, Karbonn, Intex, Videocon, Spice, XOLO, Lava, Acer, Sony Ericsson, LG Android Mobile. So read this article and provide your suggestion and conmments about this article.


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