Uninstaller apps for Android Mobile

When we have need Uninstalling apps from Android Mobile, so that is very easy process but we have Uninstall only one app at time but when we want to uninstall many apps at same time so that is not possible by simple process. In this condition we have need another idea which allow to uninstall multiple apps at same time by single click so developers made app which allow to uninstall multiple app
List of 2 Uninstaller Apps are:

1. Easy Uninstaller App:

Easy Uninstaller App
That is available in Google Play store and this is Free Version app. Some basic features of app:

>> Allow to uninstall multiple apps by single click

>> Shows details of application 

>> Shows all apps 
>> Allow to share app using Easy Uninstaller App
>> Allow to Launch App using Easy Uninstaller App
>> And Many other features

2. Uninstall Master:

Uninstall Master
That is Free Version app and need Android Version 2.0 or upgrade for installing this app on Android Phone. Some basic features of app are:

>> That app is support to Uninstall Pre-Installed app in Mobile

>> Allow to share apps using this app
>> Uninstalled Freeze app and also Unfreeze app from Mobile
>> User Friend and customer support 
>> And Also Many other features.


By this article you will learn about uninstall process for apps on android mobile using apps. So read then ask question related to this article.


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