BSNL Manual APN Setting for Android Phone| BSNL Internet Setting

If you have Internet supportable Mobile Phone and you not able to access Internet in your Mobile Phone and reason is Internet Setting, then don't worry,you will make manual setting for Internet and start accessing of Internet in Android Phone or Internet Supportable Mobile.Here we are discuss about BSNL APN Setting.
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BSNL Manual APN Setting for the Android Phone

BSNL Internet Setting For Android Mobile Or Manual APN Of BSNL:

Step A: Open Access Point Setting In Mobile:

1.  First tap "Setting"
2.  Now tap "Wireless and Network"
3.  Now tap on "Mobile networks"
4.  Now tap on "Dual SIM Setting"
5.  Than select SIM 1/ SIM 2 (Which is BSNL SIM)
6.  Then tap on "Access Points Names" option 

7.  Now Press Option key 
8.  And choose "New APN" option

Step B: Make New APN (Access Point Network) setting:

9.  In NEW APN OPTION, you see following option so look below and make setting
Name     : BSNL 
APN      : bsnlnet
Proxy    : Not Enter AnyThing
Port     : Not Enter AnyThing
Username : Not Enter AnyThing
Password : Not Enter AnyThing

And Also all other option leave blank means not make any changes on it, only change Name And APN option.

and save setting and enable it.

10. Now access internet in Android Phone and internet supportable Mobile.

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On this article I am share manual setting tutorial for BSNL user, so read this article and make manual setting on Android Mobile.

When you have faced any issue then please comment.


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