Make Manual Internet Setting Of Airtel On Mobile Phones

Sometimes we have loss our Internet Setting and need new. So learn and make manual internet setting for your Android Phone or Internet Supported Mobiles Phones.
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Make airtel manual setting on Android Mobile

Procedure Of Making Manually Airtel APN:

Step A: You need to open Access Point option so follow instruction.

1.  First tap "Setting"
2.  Now tap "Wireless and Network"
3.  Now tap on "Mobile networks"
4.  Now tap on "Dual SIM Setting"
5.  Than select SIM 1/ SIM 2 (Which is Airtel SIM)
6.  Then tap on "Access Points Names" option 

7.  Now Press Option key 
8.  And choose "New APN" option

Step B: Make APN (Access Point Network) setting :

9.  In NEW APN OPTION, look for following Options and change it

Name: Airtel 

and save setting and enable it.

10. Now access internet in Android Phone.
11. You need 1/- Rupees balance in mobile for accessing internet.

Got Internet Setting For Airtel Directly:

1. Open Following website:

2. Then enter Mobile Number and Validation code 
3. And click on Submit Button
4. Then you will got internet setting on your Mobile Phones.

If you want to transfer balance in any network when your friend need balance any emergency then transfer balance to:

Airtel Customer Care Number and Toll Free Numbers

If you want Loan/credit in Your Network like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL etc then try that is:


By this article, I am share 2 method for Airtel Internet Setting for Android Mobile, by 1 make manual setting on mobile, and 2nd got internet setting on mobile, so read and provide your comments. 

When you have faced any issue then please comment


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Please tell me Airtel 3G APN setting


Above APN work for Airtel 3G, just try.


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