Prevent stop working Problem of Apps on Android Phone

Sometimes installed apps stopped working on Android Mobiles, so how to prevent this problem on Android Mobile, and such type of problem is not big issue. 
So without wasting time, we have start discussion "How to prevent stopped working of any apps".
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Prevent the stop working Problem of the Apps on the Android Phone

Procedure To Solve Stopped Working Problem of Apps:

For solving this problem, three methods can be used, so that methods are:

1. Clear Cache And Clear Data of App

When any app stopped working on Android Mobile, then firstly Clear Cache of app. After you need to close all apps and come on Home Menu, Now open app then they start working, if you have same issue after process then you need to Use 2 Method.

2. Update App

When you have used First Method and your problem still, then you need to Update app.
After that update process, you need to close all apps and come on Home Menu and Tap on app, then they start working otherwise use 3 Method.

3. Re-Install App

If both methods not working then you need to Uninstall App from Mobile, and open Store App then download and install app on Android Mobile, and restart mobile.
Now open app then you see that app start working.
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Many of apps problem like:

  • Facebook app stops working on android mobile
  • Twitter app stops working on android mobile
  • Youtube app stops working on android mobile
  • Opera Mini app stops working on android mobile
  • Dolphine app stops working on android mobile
  • Google Chrome app stops working on android mobile
  • UC Browser app stops working on android mobile
  • Adobe reader app stops working on android mobile
  • And Many other problem like that,
I have tested above problem and solve by using above preventing method, so please, if you also tested that prevent method of any apps then please comment below.
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By this article, I am share tutorial which help when any app or game of your android mobile stopped working, then apply this method, then you will got solution of stopped working issue on android mobile easily.

When you have found any mistake in Article then please give comment about problem.


Thank you for your help on this issue. I have found that the app has crashed at times and that a restart of entire device will get app back to working.

Also, sometimes, in extremes like you say, the app totally needs reinstalled!

I am not spelling "reinstalled" wrong, yet it keeps flagging it as spelled wrong. Hmmm, now I wonder what issue has caused that to happen?????

Thanks again!!!

kk from NorthEast PA/USofA


Thanks guy. I cleared the data app and now am surfing on OM. Thanks again and again.



I have tried this approach and my FB and instagram both won't work, I get no connection, then when I tried to reinstall, I cannot log in, says to check my connection and certificate


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