How to Get Adsense Approval In 2013 Trick

We have discuss about Google Adsense, and point out main factors which are important for Adsense Approval. Firstly read about Adsense Account types.
Google Adsense is good for making some money from Internet

Types of Adsense Account:

Now, Google started two type of Adsense Account and that are How to Get Adsense Approval In 2013 Trick
  • Hosted Account
When you will get Adsense Approval by Hosted website like (Youtube etc, then that Account is Hosted Adsense Account, and that account only works on hosted website of Adsense.
If you have own copyrights videos then upload on youtube and start making money by your Video, but uploaded own videos like Mobile Phone Review, Tutorials etc.
  • Full Google Adsense Account
Full Adsense Approval means you have permission to placed Ads on your Website or Blog. And earn from your website traffic.
By Full Adsense Account monetize your website Traffic and earn some money
Google started that policy because some persons made it's account by hosted websites and got Google Adsense Approval. But that person used that account on that website/blog which not comply with Google Adsense Policy. So that account will be disapproved.
So Google Adsense started two type of Account.

How To Get Adsense Approval:

If you want Google Adsense Approval, then you need to follow some things which I am understood that are:

1. Custom Domain:
Friend, if you are using Sub-Domain, then you will have minimum no of chances to get Adsense Approval. So you need to buy Custom Domain from
      • Blogger, 
      • Wordpress, 
      • Bluehost
      • Godaddy
      • Hostgator
      • Other Hosting Company
2. No. Of Posting Required:
After custom domain, you need some contents in your website, so I am read that when you have 10+ posted on your blog/website then you will get Adsense Approval, but condition is that you have made unique post means use unique contents in your article/posts.

3. How Much Traffic will be needed:
If you have 100 unique visitors daily then it's sufficient, but my suggestion is that when you will getting 1500+ Unique visitors daily or above then apply for adsense then you will get approval. And also you will earn some money by that traffic.

4. Website Design:
Now, website design is also required things for Adsense Approval, so use good navigation, seo friendly, easy to use website template/blog template.

5. Website Loading Time:
One thing always remember that your website loading time is also minimum. So check your website/blog loading time by Google PageSpeed Insights : Click Here

6. Use Google Plus Widget:
Friend, if you are used Google Plus widget on your website/blog then that is also good for you. When you have used Google Plus Widget then you will get visitors by Google Plus because when you will publish any article then you will share that article on your Google Plus Account, then your follower also come on your website/blog and read your article.

7. Apply Directly:
Means not taking any reference like hosted website of Adsense, when you need Full Approval of Adsense Account.

8. Google Adsense Policies:
When you will apply for adsense that read Google Adsense Policy then apply if your website/blog comply with policy, otherwise make your website/blog according to Google Adsense Policy.

How to Apply for Google Adsense Account:

  • Open Website:
  • And sign up for account or signing to account
  • After that Fill Form 
  • And remember, enter full address because some person not getting approval by Address problem
  • And Submit form
  • Then you will get response from Google Adsense very soon.


Google Adsense Approved process is very difficult, if your website comply with Google Adsense Policy then only get Adsense Approval. But I am point out some main factors and may be that are helpful in Google Adsense Approval. If you find any mistake and need suggestion, please comments.


nice post sharing dear.

please tell me issue 'site does not comply adsense policy'

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Above Issue "Site Does Not Comply Adsense Policy", means your website/blog has not the proper contents according to Policy or may be design issue or Website loading issue. So proper answer for this question you need to read the Adsense Policy Carefully, otherwise I will share the Article about that issue very soon.

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Thank you, i got approval but that account not works on custom domain (.com etc) my client says that. but now after bought service we are able to place ads on any domain. they rocks
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