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Small Tablets Make Sense

Since the birth of Apple’s iPad in 2010, tablets have become extremely popular these days. And with thousands of available applications that aid in maximizing its full potential as a gadget, it’s no wonder that tablets are slowly replacing the good old laptops and notebooks. 

However, technology doesn’t stop from evolving. Over time, it continues to provide different products in the market. While the 10-inch iPad is still favored by many, developers continue to create a product that is better, smallerand more convenient in terms of size.

So move over iPad. Here are some of the best small 7-inch tablets that are slowly making raves in the market today. 

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus Price : $229.00 - $264.99

Google Nexus PriceThe best small tablet to date, Google’s Nexus 7 is about stellar performance at an affordable price. It has a razor sharp full HD screen with high pixel density for brightest tablet display.Also the lightest tablet so far, Nexus 7 features a Multi-User Restricted Profile that allows you to restrict access on certain apps and has an improved polygonal graphics performance for better handle effects. It also has a Bluetooth Smart which allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices and transmit metadata.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini Price : $319.49 - $342.31

Apple iPad Mini PriceIf you’re after a full iPad experience at a smaller scale, then iPad Mini is your best bet. A compact reader and viewer, it is an easy-to-hold tablet that can be used in one hand and thumb swipe. If you’re an avid reader, iPad Mini has an edge over its counterparts since it is compatible with almost all kinds of files and big services. It also faster Wi-Fi connection speed, an improved 5-megapixel iSight camera and longer battery life. But if you want a more affordable with a quality performance tablet, then there are other tablets which can give you optimum performance. After all, iPad Mini may just be a smaller and more enhanced iPad 2 or a bigger iPod Touch for you.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price : $269.99

Amazon Kindle Fire HD PriceThe Kindle Fire is definitely an improved version of the original Kindle. It has a USB and HDMI port, a higher resolution and higher screen contrast, quality sound and a refined interface. It also has X-ray for books that allows you to get more information about the terms and characters mentioned in a Kindle book. It also has X-ray for movies with an integrated IMDB feature giving you access to the actor’s biography while watching a movie. So if you’re after the cheapest way of downloading books, movies, TV shows, music and magazines, then Kindle Fire is your best option.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 : $293.75 - $314.95

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 PriceOne of the best small tablets in the market, the Galaxy Tab 3 is Samsung’s best non-Note tablet to date. It has a narrower and light comfortable design making it easy to hold and has a shortcut tray that allows you to turn off certain features just by swiping down from the top of the screen. It also has a multi-window feature for simultaneous onscreen display and has a share and play content for file sharing in real time. Lastly, it has a good performance making it worth every penny.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Price : $376.51 - $402.40

Galaxy Note 8 PriceA stunning tablet with a useful stylus, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is by far the best looking small screen tablet in the market.It is equipped with TouchWiz UI skin, an enhanced multi-windows feature and compatible and more manageable apps. It also has a universal remote/video hub that allows you to integrate streaming video content, social sharing option and a powerful useful search. But if you’re not really an artist, then you will find the S pen non-useful. Further, the $400 price tag may seem overboard considering the available features in other tablets. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Note 8 is the best Samsung tablet to date.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD

Barnes And Noble Nook HD Price : $129.00

Barnes And Noble Nook HD PriceProbably the cheapest small tablet in the market, Barnes & Noble Nook HD is touted as the media tablet for the non-techies. It has a light, comfortable design with the sharpest screen compared to any of the 7-inch tablets in the market. Nook tablet uses Ice Cream Sandwich operating system with an included full Google Play support and Chrome as its default browser. Which means all available apps, music, books and magazines in Google Play can now be downloaded in this tablet. It also has the highest resolution screen for a 7-inch tablet, thus assuring you of a superior clarity. Unfortunately, the Nook doesn’t have a camera, micro-USB, GPS or any other features available in other tablets. But if you’re just after reading and watching movies, then Nook HD is the right one for you.

Conclusion :

The important thing in choosing a tablet is to determine the amount of usage and purpose. Most tablets are designed for a specific purpose making them unique among its counterparts. Do your homework and research on which tablet is more suitable for you and your needs. 

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