Solve USB not Recognized Problem in Windows 7,8,Vista,XP OS

When we have connected any Device with PC, then sometimes we have got error message "USB not Recognized" problem. So here we have discuss about error and it's solution. And this method only applicable on Windows OS (Mostly Windows 7 and 8 OS).
Solve the USB not Recognized Problem in the Windows OS

Problem Description:

We have trying to connecting our Mobile or Other device and device not connected or shown an any message, that error are related to USB not Recognized problem. And that error sometimes happens because:
    • We have not installed Driver of Device
    • Driver not installed successfully by Device Automatically
    • USB Cable is not working
    • USB Port of PC/ Laptop is not working

How to solve USB not Recognized Problem:

If you want solution of this problem then you need to read Problem Description above and also read reasons and firstly need to see below point and short it first then proceed
    • You need to installed Driver, if they installed then Update Driver or Re-Install it
    • Check USB cable and USB Port of PC

Use Following steps are:

When you have installed Driver, but you have facing "USB not Recognized" issue then you need to use following steps are:
  • Open Control Panel
  • Then open Device Manager Option
  • After that Expand Disk Drivers/Other Devices Option in Device Manager
  • After that you see list of External Hardware so point out your Hardware Name
  •  and select and Right Click on it
  • and select Uninstall option
  • After that close all Windows
  • and wait few minutes
  • After that connect your External Hardware or Device
  • Then they recognized by PC and you have able to use that External Device in PC.


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