Value Click Media Review | How Much Earn By Valueclick Media

Hello Friends, all persons only want one thing from Internet is "Online Earning", so here we have discuss only one important thing is that "What will be earn online by blogging". 
When you have website or blog then you will able to earn money online but you need Ads Network Publisher Account, so here I am discuss about ValueClick Media.
Value Click Media Review

How To Get Approval By ValueClick Media:

So that is not big issue, you have need to fulfill some condition and policy of Valueclick Media for Publisher Account, and that are:

1. You need Minimum Pageviews: 3000 Per Month 
2. Your Site not contents Adult contents
3. Website / blog has Domain like:
If you have want approval for sub-domain like : http//, then you have not get approval because it's not support sub-domain for Publisher Account.
4. And important thing, you need to read FAQ

Follow all condition of Valuclick Media Network then you apply for Valueclick Network then you will got approval easily.

Payment Related Information:

What is Payment, payment means which you have earned by your website/blog, that is Payment.
Minimum Payment threshold: 25 Dollar 
Means if you want payment from ValueClick then you need to earn minimum $20, then you will got the Payment.
Payment Frequency: Net 20 Days, means 
When you have earned $25 Dollar from ValueClick then you will received payment in Net 20 Days.

How Much Earn by ValueClick Media Ads Networks:

I am read many article about earning and I am found one thing from Articles that:

ValueClick Media CPM Rates are: $ 0.50 to $ 3 and will be more (this CPM Rates approx.)
So if you have website/blog and your website receiving 2000 Unique Visitor and 3500 Pageviews daily then you will be earn (this is only example so don't take serious because Valueclick Provide Maximum to Maximum CPM Rates, and all earning provided only of CPM Rates)
Visitors: 2000 Daily    Pageviews: 3500 Daily
And you have placed Ads on that placed where you have received Maximum Ads Impression for Example:

Ads Impression on One Ads: 2000 and CPM Rate: $ 0.5
then your earning daily is:

Earning: $ 1 means 30 Dollar in One Month 
So that is good Earning from One Ads, and read or contact with support of ValueClick and ask "How many ads can be place on One Page", 
and if you are placed 2 Ads on One Page your Earning is double means : 2 Dollar means 60 Dollar Per Month, so it's very good earning from 2000 Unique Visitors.

This is only an example, so if you have found any mistake then please provide suitable data and any complaint and suggestion please use Contact Page, if you have complaint related to CPM Rates or Article then please send, I will removed that contents from website within 2-4 Days.

Payment Proof of ValueClick Media:

If you want Payment proof of ValueClick then please : Click Here


My aim only to provide some information so I am take an example, and anyone have any complaint about article then please send Email, and If you have from ValueClick Team then please Provide CPM Rates then users will found proper details and Valueclick Team have any complaint then Please Send the Mail :, Then i will removed that contents from website within 2-4 Days.

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