How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed by 4 Steps

How to Increase Utorrent Download SpeedIf we are want to download data by Torrent then we are need Torrent Downloaded like Utorrent which is download data by torrent websites. But when we are downloading data to torrent websites than we are got very slow speed in downloading, so it’s take long time in downloading. But I am sharing some steps which is help on increasing Utorrent Download Speed.
Mostly everyone using Utorrent or other software for downloading Torrent File, but Most of time we are not received good speed in downloading, so What will be do for increasing Utorrent Download Speed?
So check out this article and tutorial which provide some tricks for increase utorrent download speed in easy manners.

How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed

For increasing Download speed of Utorrent Software, you want some tips and trick which help on increase utorrent download speed. So I am share some steps which is helping on increasing Utorrent Download Speed easily.

Want Fast Internet Speed

First thing for Downloading of any contents online, we want good Speed is Internet, if you are using slow Internet Connection than trying to using Good Speed Internet, then you will get good download speed in Utorrent downloading.

How To Increase Utorrent Download Speed

Follow some steps which are helpful to increase Utorrent Download Speed easily, so that steps are:

1. Download Utorrent Software

Download Utorrent Software and installed in PC/Laptop.

2. Change Some Setting in Preferences Option of Utorrent

  • Open Utorrent
  • Then Click on Preferences
  • Now select Bandwidth
  • After that Change some Setting and Values are:
Set Maximum Upload Rate Between: 1 to 15
Set Maximum Download Rate: 1900
Set Global maximum number of connections: 2400
Set Maximum number of connected peers per torrent Between: 100 to 290
Set Maximum upload slots per torrent: 12
  • Now select Advanced under of Preferences and Change some values are
Find Filename "bt.connect_speed"And set Value for this File: 85
  • After that Apply and OK

Now start Downloading using Utorrent then you received Good Download Speed

After process you will see that your Downloading speed by Utorrent is increase and you are receiving Good speed in downloading.

4. Use Update Version of Utorrent Software

Use Update version for Utorrent, if you are using Older then upgrade or Download the New Version and start the using of new one.

Fact About Article And Tutorial

I am share some steps which are look very simple in use, but it's increase Utorrent Download Speed. So try these steps and use Good Speed In Utorrent Downloading.
Any doubt or question please share your thoughts....


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