How to Check Either Android Mobile Rooted Or Unrooted?

Android OS is now very popular in Mobile, because this OS is advance so many things are possible is this OS, like read PDF Files easily by Adobe Reader, Play HG Games, Watch Movies, Watch TV Online easily etc. So very good is use and this OS is available is very low prices also.

Check Android Mobile Root And Unroot Status
So here we are discuss about Android Mobile, but you may hear two words mostly:
  • One is Root
  • Second is Unroot

So question is that How to check Android Mobile is rooted or Unrooted:

So for checking purpose you need some apps which provide accurate detail about rooting means your Android Mobile is rooted or unrooted.

Required hardware and apps for Check Root or Unroot Status:

  • Android Mobile


  • Install Root Checker app in your Mobile
  • then open app and click on "Verify Root Access"
  • if they give result "Your Device is root access" that means your device is rooted
  • Otherwise you see result is red color that means your device is not rooted means Unroot.
So if you want root your Android Device then search on our blog then you see Root Process for specific Android Mobile.

Conclusion and Facts:

This article aim to provide detail about Root Checker App which are useful for checking root status of phone.

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