How to Create XML Sitemap in blogger | XML Sitemap Generator For Blogger

Sitemap is important thing for website and blog. But when we have discuss about the blogger blog, then one thing is always "Questionable : How to Create XML Sitemap in Blogger". So here we are discuss about create sitemap in blogger.
XML Sitemap Generator For Blogger Blog 
I have provide 2 method for creating XML Sitemap for Blogger Blog:

Method 1: Blogger Tool For XML Sitemap Creator

If you want to XML Sitemap for your blogger blog then don't worry that is very simple task. Just see the below few steps and generate XML Sitemap in Blogger:
  • Open Your Blog 
  • Then type "atom.xml" after Domain name, just see the example below:
  • Then you will able to see your XML Sitemap for your blogger blog.

Method 2: External Tool for XML Sitemap Generator

If you not able to create sitemap by the blogger tool then you need to follow some steps are:
  • Open the Following website: 
  • Now you see the Sitemap Creator website 
  • So Enter the website or blog name and generate the XML Sitemap
  • And Download from the website easily.
How to Upload XML Sitemap to Blogger Blog.


This article aim to provide the tool and tutorial for creating XML Sitemap which are workable, so I am suggested some method which are working 100%, so use above steps and comments when you will getting any error or problem.

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