Make Custom Permalink For Post In the Blogger

When you want to make custom URL or Custom Permalink for post then that is in-built feature in Blogger, you need only guideline about that, and when we have make Custom Permalink for Post then they show Main Topic of Post, but when they automatically generated then they will be large or may be unfamiliar with Post.

And if you want editing of recent post then they may be not possible, Custom Permalink only possible when you have create New Post, otherwise not. So we have start topic, without wasting time.

Make Custom Permalink For Post In Blogger:

1. Open and signing to Blogger account,

2. After that open Posts from More Option

3. Now click on New Post and write your article, after that you see Post Setting Panel in Right Side of Post Editor

4. So click on "Links" option, and select "Custom Permalink" option, after that type your post URL like "Device-Point-Net" 
Make Custom Permalink For Post In the Blogger
and when you have type "Device Point Net" then they show error.

5. After that click on Done button and Publish post.
And You will see, your custom permalink of your post.

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