Ping Your Blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine

When we have start blog and start blogging then always remember following things are:

1. Why you have start blogging

That means what reason behind blogging, so firstly thing is that understood reason for blogging.

2. What contents you will use for blog:

Second is that "About Content of your Blog", means what topics you will like mostly for example you have known Blogging secrets, Tutorials then you will start blogging in blogging Tutorials.

3. How to get Visitors in your Blog:

When we have started blogging, after that Visitors are very important, so here I am told way to got Good no. of visitors in your Blog. Follow some step are:

Submit Your Blog in Google Search Engine:

Firstly you need to submit your Blog in Search Engine, because without listing you will not search by Search Engine. So open Following

and submit your website in Google Search Engine. and when you have made many blog then submit every blog URL to Google Search Engine.
Note: And also you need to use Google Webmaster Tool for your website.

  • Submit your Blog in Bing Search Engine 

And submit your blog URL to Bing Search Engine, So open following 

and submit your Blog URL to Bing Search engine.

Note: also use Bing Webmaster for getting more search queries for your blogs.

  • Submit your Blog in Yahoo Search Engine :

When you have submit your Blog URL to Bing then your blog also submitted to Yahoo, but if you need to submit blog URL to Yahoo search engine then open the following 


and submit your Blog URL to Yahoo.
Note: Also submit sitemap of your blog to search engines because sitemap is mostly responsible for indexing in search engine.

For more SEOTips By, just start reading of this blog and got best tutorials for SEO. And suggestion please comments.

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