2 Tips for Installing Temple Run in Micromax A54

Mostly all user of Micromax A54 Android Mobile, want to playing Temple Run Game in Micromax A54 Mobile. but when we are trying to installing Temple Run so it install properly in mobile, but not working. So I am share some fact which are helpful to playing Temple Run Game in Micromax A54.

How to install Temple Run on Micromax A54:

That is very easy to understand, why Temple Run is not working of A54 Mobile, because of it's RAM and Internal Memory, both are very low, Micromax A54 RAM is 256MB and Internal Memory is 128MB, which are very low for playing good games. So see some important things which are very important for Playing Temple Run in Micromax A54, so that are:

Increase RAM of Micromax A54:

If you want playing good games on A54 then you need to improve RAM of Micromax A54 and also increase RAM of your Mobile Phone.

How to increase RAM of Micromax A54 Mobile:

so that is not easy task, I have share different Tutorial and article of Increasing RAM of Micromax Android Mobile Phone, so this then you will able to increase RAM of Micromax A54 Mobile Phone.

Increase Internet Memory of Micromax A54: 

Now second thing is that, you need some more internal space in your mobile, because when we have installed any app or games on mobile's External Memory(SD Card), so apps and games take maximum space of SD Card but also some space of Internal memory. So need some more Internal Space for Mobile, So Read Tutorial : How to increase Internal Memory Of Micromax A54.

After that you will able to increase internal memory of Micromax Mobile easily.

Last Steps for Playing Temple Run In Micromax Mobile:

So after Increase RAM and Internal Memory, now need to restart your mobile.

Download Chainfire3D APK:

Download ChainFire3D apk and install, after that Open Chainfire3D app and Install CF3D Driver on your Mobile.

  • After downloading, install game in Mobile
  • And close Play Store app 
  • Now open Temple Run Game and start playing on your Micromax A54 Mobile.
May Be Method Supportable in Following Set:
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Micromax A50 Ninja
Micromax A52
Micromax A60
Micromax A70
Micromax A75
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Micromax A85

Conclusion : 

Final words about this article is that if increase RAM and Internal Memory, and play any game in mobile, So read this post and may be helpful to installing Games in Micromax A54 Mobile.


I tried e erything but I gate the massage application not done


I tried e erything but I gate the massage application not done


Download Chainfire3D APK on Your Mobile and install it, After that Download and try to installing Temple Run on Your Micromax A54 Mobile then you will install Temple Run on Your Mobile, buy Temple Run 2 not working on Micromax A54.

You are also able to Install Subway Suffer on Your Micromax A54 using this trick, so enjoy installing Temple Run, Subway Suffer on Your Micromax A54 Mobile.

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