Upload XML Sitemap in Blogger Blog

Friend here we are discuss about Sitemap which are Main Factor for website and blog, but when we are using Blogger blog then we have not able to upload Sitemap in blog like:
Upload Sitemap to Blogger

But in blogger, that is not possible, but I am discuss secrets which allow to upload sitemap in blogger.

How to Generate XML Sitemap for Blogger :

You need to create XML Sitemap for website or blog so open following link : Generate XML Sitemap For Blogger

How to Upload XML Sitemap In Blogger:

You don't need to upload XML Sitemap in blogger, because blogger already make sitemap for blogger and so follow some steps are:
  • Open Website/blog 
  • Then Insert following : "atom.xml" which blog like
  • Then you will see XML Sitemap for your blogger blog
  • So open Search Engine Webmaster Tool and submit Sitemap for Blogger Blog easily.


This article aim to provide details about XML Sitemap for Blogger Blog, because Sitemap is main factor in searching by search engine.

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