Flipkart App Available for Android Mobile

Everyone know about Flipkart Store is megastore where we are found electronics, clothes  books, music, movie, game etc, and delivery of any product is fast.

Android Mobile Users, if you want accessing products of Flipkart Store by any app, so download Flipkart Android App for Android Mobile.Flipkart Android App available for Android 2.3 OS or upgrade, it's size 3 MB (Approx)

Flipkart App Screenshots:

Features of Flipkart Android App:

Flipkart app is fast, easy in use and very good navigation for accessing any product.

1. Very good searching

2. Easy Navigation and access any product easily.
3. Product Images are available with Zoom Function
4. Write Reviews for Product and Read Reviews of products
5. Purchase product by app
6. Check status of order means your purchased product dispatch or where reached.
7. Social sharing feature is enable means share product on facebook, twitter etc.

Download Flipkart APK for Android Mobile| Flipkart App for Android Mobile:

Flipkart App Size : 3 MB

Flipkart Required OS : OS 2.3 or Upgrade

Download Flipkart Apk for Android Mobile

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