Best 10 Social Networking apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod | Social Networking on iOS Device

Nowadays days social networking websites are daily usage website as well part of life. Everyone want to update and check it's social networking accounts on Mobile.
So here I am discuss about Social Networking apps for iOS Device like iPad, iPod, iPhone.

List of Best 10 Social Networking Apps for iPad,iPod,iPhone Device:

1. Facebook app for iOS:

  • Update your status
  • Add Photo
  • Edit Comments and Post
  • Facebook app is freeware
  • Share videos, photos etc.
Facebook app for iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini

Facebook app for iPhone, iPod, iPad 2

Facebook App Download Link

2. Google Plus app for iOS

  • Manage your Account
  • Share Photo,
  • Update Status
  • See Friends sharing etc
Google Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Google Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPod

3. Twitter app for iOS

  • See real time stories
  • See pictures, video on your timeline
  • Follow people
  • Share photos, videos
  • Comments etc.
Twitter app for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Mini

Twitter app for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Mini

4. MySpace app for iOS

  • Discover people, artists, curators and collaborators and find based on your location
  • Make GIF images and share on your Myspace profile
  • Manage your social network account easily
  • Connect to new person and peoples easily and etc features.

5. LinkedIn app for iOS


  • Find people companies, jobs and groups
  • Update your profile using LinkedIn app
  • Find jobs then view and save it
  • View latest industry news and read them
  • Follow companies
  • Join groups and share and find news by groups
  • Buy Premium account by app and etc.

6. Pinterest app for iOS


  • Pin images
  • Pin by your camera
  • Explore pins
  • Pin with your camera and etc
Pinterest app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini

7. myLife app for iOS

  • Add many Email account on myLife app
  • Post and reply by app
  • Get notification for mylife messages
  • App is good and faster
  • Add Facebook account also and etc.
mylife app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

8. WeChat app for iOS

  • Send voice message
  • Animated smileys
  • Send photos and videos
  • Real walkie talkie feature in WeChat and supportable with up to 40 friends
  • Get every notifications
  • Like and comments on friends photo, status etc
WeChat for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

9. Whatsapp app for iOS

  • Send voice message
  • Send Videos message
  • Send video, photos
  • Get every notification
  • This app is free for 1 Year after purchase in $0.99 only
  • Many other features.
Whatsapp for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

10. Line app for iOS

  • Make video call
  • Make Voice call
  • Make also International calls free
  • Send voice message and photos
  • Snap Movie feature
  • other features also. 
Line app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Line app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


I am share top 10 social network website, which are very useful for managing social networking account easily by iOS Mobile like iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 3, iPhone 5, iPod Touch etc.
And these apps are freeware to download and use.

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