How to Got Adsense Approval for YouTube Videos

Are you using YouTube for Videos uploading then you have great thing for earning money by Adsense because Adsense allow to apply it's ads on YouTube Videos.

If you are making videos like tutorial of any subject like "Learn English withing 1 week" or computer tutorial or mobile reviews, software review etc, so make that topics's videos and upload on YouTube Websites and earn Money by Your These Videos easily.

How to Got Adsense Approval for YouTube Videos in 1 Hour

How to Got Google Adsense Account By YouTube:

  • First make original videos for any topic like "How to root any android mobile" etc
  • And Upload on YouTube.
  • Now share your video on Social Media Websites and tell to your friend watch that video
  • And Increase pageviews of these videos
  • Now Open Video Manager in YouTube Website
  • Then click on Channel Setting and Enable Monetization Option
  • Then click Enable my Account
  • Then one Form will open so read all term and condition and checked all check box and click on I Accept button
  • Now Select Ad Format for your Videos and click on Monetize Button, Just See Image:

  • Now After that open Channel Setting >> Mozetization
  • After that you seen one option "How will I be paid?" so click on it then you seen an option "associate Adsense Account" so click on it
  • And Now one form will open, so Enter all details are properly and Address will be correct and also wrote Name of Payee correctly
  • After that Submit Form
  • Now you will got Email after 1 Hour, or Within 1 week of Adsense approval for YouTube Videos.
When you will got Adsense Account then That Account is Hosted Account which are only work on hosted website like Hubpage, Blogger, YouTube etc website.
And one more information that if you are trying this account on your Blogger Custom Domain then it's not work that is only work for blogspot blog in blogger.


I am share "How to got Google Adsense Account in 1 Hour for YouTube Videos", so read all details carefully and provide your suggestions.

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