How to Play YouTube Videos in Slow Internet Speed| Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering

Are you using YouTube for watching movies, serials, cartoon, reviews of product etc. But you have facing an issue "Videos are played with buffering", so that is issue is very common because Slow Internet Connection not provided good speed for watching Videos in YouTube. I am share an tutorial which are guide for playing YouTube videos in Slow Internet Connection without Buffering.
How to Play YouTube Videos in Slow Internet Connection

Some Features of YouTube:

I am seen that YouTube make some types for playing YouTube Videos, so that are:
  1. HTML 5
So that is are using in YouTube for playing videos.

HTML5: If you are using Good Speed Internet connection then you don't need to any guide, just Open YouTube website and play videos.
But try HTML 5 in YouTube. and send your Feedback to YouTube: YouTube Feedback For HTML5 Video Player

FEATHER: If you are using slow Internet Connection then you need to try FEATHER beta in YouTube because it's reduce downloading of bytes in Video Page so you will received good Speed for playing videos in YouTube as well YouTube Videos are loaded faster and quickly and also depend on your Internet Speed. So try it and send your 
Feedback to YouTube: YouTube Feedback for FEATHER beta

How to Play YouTube Video Without Buffering in Slow Internet Connection:

If you are using Internet by Mobile or Other Devices and you are getting slow speed in Internet and want to watch Videos in YouTube, then Just Follow instructions are:
  • Open FEATHER Beta in Youtube: Feather Beta
  • And click on "Join the Feather beta" Button and enable it
  • Now open YouTube Page and search videos and playing it then you will playing videos withing Buffering.
For Disable FEATHER Beta in YouTube then Open FEATHER Beta Link above and click on "Leave the Feather Beta" and disable it.

Play Videos in HTML5 Video Player in YouTube:

If you are using good speed Internet Connection then try HTML 5 Video Player in YouTube for playing Video. Just follow instruction to enable HTML 5 Player in YouTube:
  • Open HTML 5 Video Player Page in YouTube: HTML 5 Video
  • Then click on "Request for HTML5 Player" Button
  • and Enable it
  • Now Play Videos on HTML5 Player in YouTube.
For Disable HTML5 Player in YouTube then open above HTML5 Video Link and click on "Use the Default Player" then Default Player Enable.


I am share this tutorial "How to Play YouTube Videos without Buffering in Slow Internet", I am try to sharing and provide all detail, but if any detail or mistake happening then please tell by Comments or Use Contact Page.

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