How to Import Google Chrome Bookmark in Mozilla Directly

Google Chrome and Mozilla are web based application and software and free to use. But when you have want Your Google Chrome Browser bookmarks in Mozilla Firebox Browser then what to do? Here I am share how to import Google Chrome Bookmark directly to Mozilla Firebox.

How to Import Google Chrome's Bookmark to Mozilla Firebox:

  • Open Mozilla Firebox Browser
  • Now click on Bookmarks Menu Option
  • And click on Show all bookmarks option
  • then you see Library Wizard
  • So click on Import and Backup Option and click on Import data from Another Browser
  • Then you seen all browser Name which are installed on your Browser means you are able to import bookmark by any browser in Mozilla. So select Google Chrome Browser from list and click on Next Button
  • Now select Bookmarks from the list and click on next
  • After that your Google Chrome Bookmarks are export to Mozilla, it's successfully message in wizard so click on Finish.
You are able to import Bookmark in Mozilla without using HTML file and by any browser of your PC.

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