How to Choose Guest Authors for Your Blog

Guest posting means sending an article to another blogger who then uploads it onto their blog. This article describes mistakes that a blogger may make when accepting guest blog posts. As a blogger you are allowed to accept guest posts. This means having another person send a submission request, and if you agree then they send the article they wish to have uploaded, which you then accept
and upload onto your blog.

How to Choose Guest Author for Your Blog/Website: 

As a blogger there are a few mistakes you may make during this process, so here are a few mistakes you should avoid when reviewing submission emails and reviewing the guest posts people send. The mistakes include both the submission process and the acceptance or rejection process. 

Not bothering to read the article before you post it

When you receive a guest post from a trusted contributor or a person with a certain amount of prestige, you may be tempted to upload it without reading. This is a mistake as it may make reference to things that will offend your readers. For example, it may contain racist, sexist or heavily biased opinions that would not sit well with your readers.

Forgetting to proofread the article 

You cannot rely on the guest blogger to proofread the things they send you. It is up to you to proofread it for flow, consistency, grammar and spelling. In some cases you will need to check it for accuracy. For example, the post may be about childhood inoculations being dangerous, and yet is probably filled with opinions and references to dubious medical reports. 

Still accepting guest posts when they broke your submission rules 

Do not do this or people will learn that they do not need to take your submission guidelines seriously. One assumes that people set up submission guidelines to lower rejection rates and make the guest blogging submission process quicker. Allowing people to then ignore your submission guidelines will be counterproductive. 

Neglecting to check where the link goes to

The guest blogger may want to link to a website that details how to commit crimes, or a website that has illegal content on it such as child or animal abuse. You must check the website that they want to link to, or you may be held responsible if people land on the linked website. 

Forgetting that a poor request email is not a good sign 

If the email has an accidental typo or imperfect grammar, then it is permissible as people are rarely concerned with grammar and proofreading when sending personal correspondence. But, mistakes in the request email may be a danger sign that the guest poster is a sloppy writer. This is especially true when you consider that the guest poster should be trying to create a good impression with his or her request email. Not proofreading the request email is hardly a sign that the guest poster is a diligent writer. 

Letting the guest blogger bully you 

Some people act as if their guest post is highly time sensitive and try to bully you into posting it earlier. They may have their reasons for trying to push the timeline, but it is your blog and your rules. If the person becomes aggravating or threatening, then send that person a message saying that you are no longer accepting posts from him or her, and then block that person’s email address. 

Taking payment for uploading without the right to refuse guest posts 

Some guest blog posters will offer you payment in order to upload their guest blog post. If you agree to such a scheme then make sure you amend the agreement so that you are able to reject guest posts at your discretion. Otherwise you may be breaking distance selling laws if they pay you and you refuse to upload the article. 

Not creating a page of rules for guest bloggers on your site 

Without a page of rules, people will not know how you like articles submitted. Some will send you inappropriate content or file formats, and others will waste your time by sending messages asking how you like guest posts to be submitted. It also gives you a web page to refer to if you reject an article for not abiding by the rules. 

Not asking how the guest poster plans to promote the guest post 

Demanding that your guest blogger promotes the post that he or she submits operating is a great free way of getting more publicity for your blog. Stipulate that the guest blogger should promote the guest post in your submission guidelines, and remind guest bloggers by asking them how they plan to promote the blog. Many will say that they are going to reference it in their own blog, or mention it on social media.

Blindly accepting spammed email requests 

Guest bloggers may send out spam email requests instead of taking the time to read your blog and learn what your blog is all about. If you blindly accept spammed requests then it is far more likely that the guest post you receive will be inappropriate for your blog. 


If you can avoid making the mistakes detailed in this article, then you are closer to being able to choose a good guest author for your blog. If you can avoid these mistakes, then you will help to be rid of the spammers and the spinners and you will only have to deal with good guest posters/authors. With this being the case, there is no reason why a successful and well mannered guest poster/author cannot come back again in the near future and write further posts.

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