Tips to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Turning your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot means turning it into a wireless transmitter (of sorts) so that you can connect to its Internet via other devices such as your PC, laptop or other mobile device. Your Smartphone’s data plan may allow you relatively unlimited downloads, which means that if you can transmit the Internet to your PC, then you may have that Internet on your PC too (albeit at a slower uploading and downloading rate). Here are a few tips to help you turn your Android Smartphone into Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Take a look at your Smartphones data plan 

If you are on 3G pay-as-you-go Internet then making it a Wi-Fi hotspot is a great way to burn through money. If you have something such as a massive download limit or unlimited uploads and downloads, then you should think about setting up your Wi-Fi hotspot idea. The great thing is that a lot of modern Smartphones have the Wi-Fi hotspot function built into them.

In fact, if you are looking to buy a new Android Smartphone, look into how you may set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, or look in to if it is possible with the phone you want to buy. Your data plan may not allow you to tether devices (which is the same as setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot) so sometimes it is not the fault of your device. 

Look for your Wi-Fi data sharing feature

If you can find this right away then you may be able to figure out the rest on your own. All you have to do is find it and it will allow you to share your Internet connection with other devices. Phones that run on Android 2.2 are very often able to run a Wi-Fi hotspot. In most cases it will allow you to run five phones on just one device, and all wirelessly.

If you are stuck and cannot find it, then look under “settings”. Here you should see something such as “Wireless & Networks”. From here you should be able to set up your hotspot. Look for a function called something such as, “Tethering” or “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”. If you can find this then you should be able to turn it on or slide a function lever that allows you to turn it on. 

Look on the device that you want to connect with 

For a start you should remember that the Wi-Fi should be password protected. If you are an infrequent user then you may not want to bother. But, if you are going to set up your hotspot on a regular basis, then think about password protecting your hotspot Internet.

Look for your default network name on your other device to see if your Wi-Fi has come through. If you are in a densely populated area then your Wi-Fi signals list may be a long one. A simple trick is to turn of the hotspot and then turn it back on again to see which connection/signal appears.

Find the signal/connection and enter your password to connect to it. If you are in luck and things are running smoothly then you should be able to connect your other device to your Android Internet. This technically sets up your network, even if it is just a network of two devices. 

What if this does not work? 

Again, you are going to have to find out if your Android has the Wi-Fi hotspot ability. If it does not have the software or the function is not present, then it may be possible to have an app do it for you. Or, you can take the more drastic measure of having your Android rooted.

There may be a technical problem in that your phone may simply not have the hardware to run a Wi-Fi hotspot. If this is the case--there is very little you can do about it.

It may just be that your Android has another way of doing it. There are numerous versions of the Android operating system, but that is not what the cause is. The cause is the Smartphone manufacturers. They are able to restrict and enable what your Android is able to do on the phone, and if they do not want you setting up hotspots then they will remove the function from your phone whilst it is being manufactured.

Also, as mentioned earlier, it may be a data plan problem. They may not want you sharing your Internet or may not provide that sort of service. They may be the reason why you cannot enable the hotspot function on your phone.


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