Add 10 Rupees Balance in BSNL Any Emergency

Are you using the BSNL Prepaid SIM in your Phone, and you are in emergency and you have not sufficient balance in your BSNL Prepaid SIM, then what to do. So don't worry BSNL launch the CREDIT scheme, by this scheme you will get 10/- Rupees loan in your BSNL Prepaid SIM and this scheme is only available on Kolkata BSNL Telecom Circle.

How to get 10 rupees credit in BSNL:

If you want 10 rupees credit in your BSNL Prepaid SIM then you need less then balance of 10 rupees in your SIM and some term and condition for getting the loan in BSNL Prepaid SIM but this facility only available on Kolkota BSNL Telecom Circle.

Term and Condition for 10 Rupees Credit in BSNL:

  • Your balance less then 10 rupees
  • Your balance not in negetive

How to Get loan/credit in BSNL:

  • Type message: CREDIT 
  • And send to 53738
  • Then you will get 10 rupees in your Mobile
And that 10 Rupees will be deducted by your Main Balance of BSNL SIM in next day.

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I am share method for getting credit in BSNL Prepaid SIM in any emergency case, but this credit facility available on Kolkata BSNL Telecom Circle.

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