Remove Pre-Installed apps in Android| Uninstalled System apps in Android Mobile

If you using Android Mobile, then you are got many pre-installed apps on android mobile and that apps are very useful in mobile, because that apps are system apps which not possible to uninstalled by simple uninstalling method. And apps the useful like Gmail, Google Search, talk etc android apps.

But sometimes some apps are not useful in mobile and need to uninstalled that apps from android mobile, then you are not able to uninstalled that apps by simple uninstalling method, on that time you need Uninstaller app for uninstalling that system apps from mobile.

So I am sharing list of Uninstaller for Android mobile which are helpful to uninstalled pre-installed apps from mobile easily.

How to uninstalled pre-installed apps from Android Mobile:

Are you want to uninstalled pre-installed apps from android mobile, then I am sharing apps which are help in remove system apps from android mobile.

1. System app Uninstaller:

Download and installed this app on Mobile, then select app (system or user installed app) and uninstalled selected app.

Uninstalled many apps by simple click, just select apps and click on uninstalled button

2. Uninstaller+:

By uninstaller+ app we are able to uninstall apps, and also able to make backup of apps and able to transfer apps to SD Card by this app.


I am share this how to uninstalled system app or pre-installed apps in android mobile using uninstaller apps. If you got any issue so please tell by comments.

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