How to Clear Cache of Browsers

I am share tutorial about How to Clear Cache of Browsers. When we are access Internet by browsers then Caches are stored our PC then we are seeing effect in browsing like browser start work slow. So always clear cache by Browsers easily.

How to Clear Cache:

Clear Cache in Google Chrome:

Are you want to clear cache in Google Chrome, 
  • Then Open Google Chrome, 
  • After that press CTRL+H key combination, 
  • After that click on "Clear Browsing Data" 
  • After that one window is open, so select "Cached Images and files", 
  • And click on Clear Browsing Data, 
  • And cache is cleared from Google Chrome.

Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox Browser:

Are you want to clear cache in Mozilla Browser.
  • Then open Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Click on Tools, Then click on OPTIONs
  • After that select ADVANCED TAB
  • Now Select GENERAL TAB
  • After that click on CLEAR NOW, on Cached Web Content, and clear cache
  • and Click on OK button

Clear Cache in Opera Browser:

Are you want to clear cache in Opera Browser.
  • Open Opera Browser
  • after that Click Setting then Preference then Advanced
  • After that click on History
  • After that click on Empty Now in Empty the Cache
  • and clear cache in Opera Browser

Clear Cache in Safari Browser:

Are you want to clear cache in Safari Browser.
  • Open Safari Browser
  • Open Safari Browser
  • Then click on DEVELOP OPTION
  • Click on EMPTY CACHE
  • and clear cache in IE

Clear Cache in IE (Internet Explorer):

Are you want to clear cache in Internet Explorer Browser.

  • Open Internet Explorer Browser
  • Then click on Setting Icon Right Upper Side of IE
  • Now select General Tab
  • and Click on DELETE Button
  • After that select Temporary Internet Files and Website Files and click on DELETE File
  • and clear cache in IE

I am more browsers very soon and provide Clear Cache method for Browsers.

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