How to Delete Browsing History and Clear All History

I am share tutorial about How to Delete Browsing History of Browsers. When we are access Internet by browsers then history are generated and stored your PC, after that we are seeing effect in browsing like browser start work slow.So always clear browsing history in browser.

How to Delete Browsing History:

Delete browsing history in Google Chrome:

Are you want to clear browsing history in Google Chrome,
  • Then Open Google Chrome,
  • After that press CTRL+H key combination,
  • After that click on "Clear Browsing Data"
  • After that one window is open, so select "browsing history",
  • And click on Clear Browsing Data,
  • And clear browsing history in Google Chrome.

Delete browsing history in Opera Browser:

Are you want to clear cache in Opera Browser.
  • Open Opera Browser
  • Then click on TOOLS OPTION
  • and click on DELETE PRIVATE DATA
  • Now select "Clear History of Visited Pages"
  • And click on DELETE Button
  • and clear browsing data from Opera Browser

Clear browsing history in Safari Browser:

Are you want to clear and delete browsing history in Safari Browser.
  • Open Safari Browser
  • Now press CTRL+H key combination
  • Now select History and Clear it from Safari Browser

Delete browsing history in IE (Internet Explorer):

Are you want to clear browsing history in Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Open Internet Explorer Browser
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL key combination
  • Now select all options
  • And click on Delete
  • and delete all browsing history in IE
I am more browsers very soon and provide Clear browsing history method for Browsers.
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