How to Speed Up Internet and Boost Internet Speed

Are you want to speed up your Internet Speed by easy ways, then I am share some trick and way for increasing Internet Speed in PC as well as Mobile Phones.

Speed Up Internet in PC and Mobile:

I am share some trick which are improve Internet surfing, means improve Internet Speed easily.

1. Use Browser:

Use browser like Google Chrome, Firebox Browser, Opera Mini Browser, Netscape Navigator Browser.

And also Internet Explorer is good in Surfing.

2. Remove Plugin from Browser:

In browser many plugin are enabled automatically, so use that plugins which are needed in your Browser.

3. Clear Cache and Cookies:

When we are surfing Internet then many temporary files are stores our Computer and also make cookies and caches, so clear that Cookies and cache from Browser, then your Internet speed are improved.

4. Use Broadband or 3G, 4G Plans in Mobile Internet:

If you are using Mobile Internet then You need to use 3G/ 4G Plans then you are got good speed in Internet means internet speed is improve automatically.

Or use broadband plans which are also suitable for good internet speed.


Above 4 Steps are easy and useful for improving Internet Speed, that steps are increase speed of Internet in Mobile and PC easily. Any doubt please tell to us by comments.

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