How to Speed Up Slow Windows 7 Computer/PC

Are you facing issue like your computer is slow in working or any other issue which are affect your PC speed. I am share some tips for Windows PC/Computer/Laptop, which are help on increasing speed of computer easily.

How to Speed Up Slow Windows 7 Computer/ PC:

I am share tips for improving slow computer speed because many reasons behind of slow computer speed one and very important reason is Available Hard Disk Memory and RAM of Computer means free some memory in Hard Disk Drives and Use RAM According to Your PC Configuration. Because RAM is very important for Speed of PC. And other reasons are useful for improving slow computer/PC by easy steps. So see below for guide of improving Slow Computer Performance that are:

1. First delete all temporary files from PC/Computer:

Open RUN PROGRAM then Type "%TEMP%" and press Enter, after that delete all Temporary files from PC. This method is working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 OS, so delete temporary files from PC and increase speed of computer.

2. Uninstall Unusual Programs/ Software from PC:

If you have installed many software in PC, then check it all which software is useful and not, and uninstalled unneeded software and application from PC and speed up Windows 7 Computer.

3. Delete Unusual Files from PC:

If you are stored many files and that files are not useful for you then deletes that files from Windows 7 PC. After that also Empty Recycle Bin. Because if your computer memory is free then your computer is work good and speed up Windows 7 Computer.

4. Error Checking for Hard Disk Drives:

Open Computer and open Properties of Hard Disk Drives and select Tools Tab and click on Check Now and start scan of drive and check errors in Disk Drive and fix it. And speed up windows 7 computer performance.

5. Defragment Hard Drive:

Open Computer and open Properties of Hard Disk Drives and select Tools Tab and click on Defragment Now and start defragmentation for drive and speed up windows computer.

6. Use Antivirus Program:

Install Antivirus in PC/Computer and scan your computer and remove all affected items, malware and virus from PC and speed up Windows 7 Computer.

7. Use Cleaner and Optimizer Program:

Use software for cleaner and optimizer software and improve performance of computer like CCleaner Software. After that your pc performance speed up easily.


I am share some tips and way which are easy to use and good for improving speed of Computer, so try these steps and speed up computer easily.

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Nice Read!!!! you can try these steps if you really want to speed up a slow computer. its a very common problem today and there are some solutions through which you can easily overcome with like you can download registry cleaner. It's a good option and easy to use process.


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