How to Reset Forgot Windows 7 Password Without Third Party Software

Remove Forgot Windows 7 Password and Windows 7 Password Reset
Sometime we are forget our Log on Password of Windows 7, so on that condition what will be do, So I am sharing one method which resolve your Problem like if you are forgot Windows 7 Password, than that Tutorial help on removing that Password from Windows 7 without using any third party software.
I am sharing one tutorial for user which want to reset windows 7 password without using of any password cracker means I am share tutorial for windows 7 password resetting without using Third Party Software in Windows 7.
This tutorial also work on Windows 8 Password Reset, Windows Vista Password Reset, so try it and provide your feedback.

Now I am come on tutorial how to Recover or Reset or Remove Windows 7 password.

Forgot Windows 7 Password Than Reset Windows 7 Password

  • Restart your Windows 7 PC, Computer, Laptop
  • And press F12 Key from Keyboard on Booting Time means when Your Windows 7 PC Start starting than Press F12 Key
  • Than you seen Launch Startup Repair (recommend), so click on it
  • Bypass Windows 7 Login/logon Password
  • Than your Windows 7 System Start Repairing automatically
  • After few minutes it's Ask For Restore than click on it
  • Bypass Windows 7 Login/logon Password
  • And wait for completion of process, when process will complete than Your Windows 7 Restarted automatically
  • After completing of process Start your Windows 7 PC, Computer
  • Now you will not seen any Log IN/ Password Windows means you will be start your Windows 7 PC without any password.
  • So your Windows 7 Password is reset and Remove Password from Windows 7 PC.
Note: This method not working than Please tell to us by Comments.


I am share tutorial regarding how to remove or reset Forgot Password from Windows 7 PC, Computer, Laptop easily, on this method you will not need any third party software means reset your Forgot Windows 7 Password by self. This Method also working on Windows Vista means if you are forgot Windows Vista Password or want to reset Windows Vista Password than try this method.
This method may be work on Windows 8 also means if you are forgot Windows 8 Password than try this method and remove or reset Windows 8 Password.

If you are face any problem in this method than please tell to us by comments.

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