Reduce Image Size without Compressor

Image/ Photo and JPEG File Size Compressor
I am search for How to Compress Image Size, but I was not got any good response about my question, Than I am trying one Software of which inbuilt with the Windows OS. I am taking about Paint Software which is inbuilt and pre installed software for Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP etc.

Now I am come to main Question "How to Compress a Photo/Image", so I am sharing simple trick for compressing Images and Photos size easily.

How to Reduce Image/ Photo Size by Paint

  • First Open Paint Software
  • After that open Image File which want to compress
  • After opening Image file, Click on Save As/ F12 Key than SAVE AS Windows will be Open
  • Now save that Image File in PNG Format
  • Now close Paint and Open that PNG File in Paint
  • Now Press F12 Key and Save that PNG file in JPEG Format
  • Now Check both JPEG Image Files and PNG Files before to Compress and After the Compress
  • You will got your answer and this method is easy to apply and take very minimum time for Converting.


By this method you will able to compress JPEG Format easily, because I am also use this method for compressing JPEG Format. If you have got any problem in process than Please comments your Problem, we will be provide solution for your Question.


Although i have been blogging for 10 months now, looking at the post above makes me realize that i have still a lot to learn. So little tome, so much to do.Great post, i loved the post.I hope i will get my All Android Related Answers from here


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