Top 5 things you need to know before buying a power bank

Most of the smartphone makers presently are looking towards offering devices with high-definition displays, high-end performance, and decent camera features. Only a few of the manufacturers have come up with smartphones that solve the one of the main issues more often raised by the users, which is regarding the battery life. However, the problem of short battery life had been solved by the several portable power bank accessories available in the market out there. So, if you have a smartphone or any other device with a small battery pack under the hood, and looking for a power bank to cover for it, these are the top 5 things you need to know before purchasing one.

Top 5 things you must know before purchasing a power bank

1). Size

Size of a power bank is one of the most important aspects for you to look before finalizing your purchase of a power bank. There are power banks in the market with small battery capacity, 1,600mAh for an example, which are the most portable ones, but for your information they will be only able to offer a small amount of recharge for your device. So, if you can go for a bigger size, which delivers a much higher battery capacity of around 15,000mAh, it will be able to recharge your device for more than six or seven times, if your device has a battery ranging between 1,500mAh to 2,000mAh. So, size does matter when you are thinking about buying a power bank accessory as a backup for your devices.
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2). Compatibility
Most of the power banks available in the market are equipped with a USB port, which is now being used along with a micro-USB charging port for most of the digital devices out there. However, some power banks may only be compatible with certain devices. So if you have a smartphone, a handy cam, an MP3 player, or to cut in short, a USB-powered device, make sure you buy a power bank that is compatible with different type of devices.

3). Charging time

Charging time is one of the most important aspects of a power bank to look for before you buy one. Charging time of a power bank depends on how much amount of battery capacity it carries. If you have a 2,000mAh or 2,500mAh battery packing accessory, it will charge in less time, but when you are going for a power bank that carries higher amounts of battery like 15,000mAh, it will take several hours to fully recharge. So always try to figure out your needs and the amount of battery life you need in a power bank before making a final purchase.

4). Price and quality

When you are planning to buy a power bank, price and quality of the device is certainly another important aspect for it. Always make sure that the power bank you are planning to go for doesn’t use refurbished batteries. In addition, it should also back the several basic features including short circuit protection, over-charging control, and has its power secured for several months when not in use. On the pricing front, it all depends on how much the power bank providing brand is popular. You can get a power bank containing 15,000mAh of battery for an affordable price tag from a not so much popular company, but make sure to read reviews from its previous consumers.

5). Additional features

Apart from the four points we mentioned above, extra features of a power bank can certainly make it a decent choice among the competition. Some portable power banks come with inbuilt flashlight/torch and LED indicators to indicate its battery level. And, some devices are shipped with two or more USB ports, so you can recharge multiple devices simultaneously. So, if you have more than one USB-powered device, make sure to go for a higher battery containing power bank that has more than one power delivering port.

Wrap up

The power bank accessories are getting popular among the consumers who have a small battery-powered device, either it is a smartphone or any digital device. Power banks can really provide the extra power juice your smartphones, tablets, cameras, or music/video players need. So, make sure you have covered all these five points mentioned above buying a power bank.

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