I phone and Samsung comparison and why samsung best android phone .

iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6. Why Samsung is Winning.


Now that smartphones have become an integral part of daily life, higher end options have become more commonplace. At the top of the Apple v. Android camp, respectively, have risen the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. But if you are itching to pre-order Apple’s latest offering, iPhone 6S, before its September 25 launch, you might want to slow down and read ahead to find out why Samsung is still winning the smartphone battle.

On the outside, similarities abound

Appealing to a more sophisticated market, both Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S each come with sleek stylings, processing power to handle any apps you can throw at it, and a camera that can replace a separate point-and-shoot. The iPhone 6s features an aluminum back that wraps around its slim sides. It will be available in a limited offering of colors: silver, grey, gold, and rose gold. The Galaxy comes with a super-strength Gorilla Glass 4 back with aluminum sides. It also comes in a limited range of colors: black, white, gold, and blue.

Both phones also feature handy fingerprint sensors and mobile payment capabilities. They each offer a 5MP front-facing camera.

Under the hood, Samsung takes the lead

On the outside, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus look virtually identical to the iPhone 5 line. iPhone 6S now comes with 3D Touch screen technology, increased processing power, and an improved camera. Even these improvements, however, do not match Samsung’s advantage.

Size: When screen size and weight both matter, Samsung wins. The Galaxy S6 boasts a larger display (5.1-inch) than the iPhone (4.7-inch) and is also a bit lighter.

Screen: The iPhone uses and LCD screen, offering readability in strong sunlight. But with a Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy’s display is more vibrant and lively.

Storage: In true iPhone style, the iPhone 6s starts off with a meager 16GB of storage, with the next costly jump being up to 64GB. The Galaxy S6, on the other hand, offers at least 32GB at its initial tier.

Camera: In pixels, Samsung’s 16MP rear camera beats out Apple’s 12MP. As for aperture, only hands-on tests will be able to confirm Apple’s claims that its iPhone 6S camera has been improved over its predecessor’s. Until then, the Samsung still takes the case with sharper and more colorful images than Apple has been able to produce in the past.

Superior mobile payment services: Samsung Pay, expected to launch later this month, is expected to have the advantage of working with most retailers right out of the gate, unlike Apple Pay, which requires non-standard NFC-based readers.

Other Samsung advantages: Step outside iPhone’s walled garden and you can also enjoy these Galaxy S6 features: wireless charging, a physical camera shortcut, lightning-fast charging speeds, an estimated lower entry price of approximately $65, and the customizability that comes with the Android operating system.

Just another round in iPhone v. Samsung

Since the smartphone manufacturers have adopted an annual –or shorter- cycle of phone releases, this is merely the latest round of head-to-head combat for Samsung and Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was released on April 10, 2015, and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus launched last month, so there is certainly something in the works to shake up the scene again in the coming months.

Apple has adopted the practice of a revamped phone every two years with a release of improvements to the current model (this year’s iPhone 6s to improve last year’s iPhone 6). So we should again see an overhaul from Apple around this time next year.

Stay tuned and see if Samsung once again wins the smartphone battle.

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