Top Five Application For Android And Apple mobile

Don't Forget anything Through this application

You Feel You forget some thing so this application always help to you this is very special application for you . According to age you loss your memory But now you feel tension free here i m  provide some special gadget .

1.Level Money Application 

Level Money tracks your finances is free for the IOS and Android is that it links your bank accounts so you can detect how much money you have to spend it Purchasing about you I do not need to put input your earning spending habit.

2.Evernote Application

Evernote application is amazing thing about it is I can take notes to remember everything related to the life lets Ios and Android devices is a free application you this interview it, Business Card, Respis many errands I get used Evernote can Users believes that the use of everyday work without it simply can not complete.

3. Pocket Application 

Pockets of articles to help you then I can post it offline Ios and Android for free internet browsing time later I read several articles which are, if the application you want to make this service from the Pocket application since I.

4.Find My IPhone 

This application gives you freedom from tension IPhone Lost your Apple device is missed him with the help of this application you can search and you can lock your mobile phone if it is around you in that it can cause sound to Ios

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