Best Satellite TV Apps

What Are The Best Satellite TV Apps?

The availability of satellite TV apps has helped to give us a terrific new entertainment option. By choosing one of the best apps around you can watch when you want to and wherever you happen to be.

There are some wonderful satellite TV apps to check out, with the following the best of them. 


This Sony venture has a reasonable selection of interesting shows, including some original productions you might be interested in. Among the shows you are likely to be familiar with are The Shield, The Larry Sanders Show and Married
with Children.

Crackle could do with a bigger selection of shows for us to choose from, while the ad breaks get annoying after a while. Having said that, if you find some of your favorites on here then you will be in Android heaven watching them for free on the move. 

Watch ABC

This was one of the very Android apps from a big network and it still looks great. Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family are among the top hit shows featured on here.

As with most of the best satellite TV apps, you need to prove you are a subscriber to a cable or satellite service to see many of the shows. An even bigger drawback is that it can only be used on a very limited number of phones such as some of the latest Samsung models, which could explain its low average user rating of 2.9 stars. 


The CBS app for Android is as slick looking as you would expect from one of the big networks. It also features pretty much all of the shows you would expect, from The Big Bang Theory to Two and a Half Men and Criminal Minds.

There appears to be a bigger selection of shows to stream here than on most network apps, with no padlocks that you need to unlock to watch them either. There are ads though, while you might be surprised to find that some of the most popular CBS shows like The Mentalist and CSI are missing.

Discovery Channel

Do you want to learn some interesting stuff while watching TV on your phone or tablet? In that case, the Discovery Channel app could be ideal for you.

The app is simple and rather basic. It also covers very few episodes right now. If you are a fan Gold Rush or Alaska: The Last Frontier you will enjoy it. Otherwise, you will want to wait for the selection to be expanded or else maybe check out the XTRA package
for great value satellite TV at home.


You will find all of your favorite A&E shows on this app, from Duck Dynasty to Hoarders, Storage Wars and Intervention. The app is also free to download.

The biggest drawback is that some of the shows are locked unless you have a cable or satellite subscription. There are also quite a few ad breaks that can't be avoided, as is common in this type of mobile app.

What to Do Next

If the idea of watching brilliant shows for free on your mobile device appeals to you then it is definitely time to give it a try. You might need to download more than one app to get a handful of the shows you are interested in but it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

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