Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working (Solution for it)

Sometimes we are working on Laptop and suddenly keyboard stop working and only one, two keys are working and whole keyboards stopped working, then what to do and why keyboard stopped working suddenly. So I am sharing few details why Laptop keyword stopped working and how to solve keyboard stopped working problem at home.

Repair Laptop Keyboard at Home

Repair Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working Problem in Home

There many reason behind of stop working of keyboard, we are look some solution for it, they are:

1. Restart Your Laptop
When your Laptop stopped working than close all apps using Mousepad and restart your Laptop, after restarting your Laptop start working or not just check it, if they are not working so try another solution.

2. Re-Installed Keyboard Driver
1. Now right click on My Computer and open Properties, now click on Device Manager
2. In Device Manager you can see Keyboard so right click on it and open Properties
3. Now select Driver Tab and click on Update Driver
4. After that restart your Laptop and check your Laptop start working or not, if not than try another solution.

3. Hardware Problem
If above solution not working so may be your Laptop Keyboard is damaged. If your Keyboard is damaged so don't take chance just go to Service Center or Hardware Repairer. Because this is very tough work for customer because customer not know every internal connection. If you try to repairing your laptop self and you have broke any lead or connection of laptop which are very important than this is more expensive. If keyboard damaged than change with new Keyboard. So check it price on Website or ask to Service Center.

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