A Mac DVD Ripper Worth Your Attention with Time Past

DVD ripper is everywhere when you search it on Google. And for Mac OS platform, there is by no means of lacking of good programs. However, among all the options, all you need is still an intuitive, professional yet easy-to-use one which can rip the content off any kinds of DVD and convert it to the video or audio format you need, or the ones compatible with the devices to playback without pain and complicatedness. After testing various DVD ripper for Mac, what get my favor and I trust is DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac.

Many senior users active in the multimedia area won't be unfamiliar with DVDFab. It is one of the earliest vendors step into the field and is well-known over 11 years. And according to my experience of using DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac, it is a much more stable, reliable, full-featured and easy-to-handle program compared with the similar products.

First of all, DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac supports almost all versions of iMac and Mac OS including Mac OS X v10.6, v 10.7, v10.8, v10.9 and v10.10. Generally speaking, it's a total Mac DVD Ripper.

After opening DVDFab application, you will find the UI is simple, there are no much confused buttons and designations. It seems that DVDFab only show you the options and entrances for settings that you really need to considerate. They are the must-have instead of nice-to-have for advanced DVD ripper software.

This programs integrates all its belonging products into one application, users can easily switch one to another to enjoy the related service if you've paid for the products. To begin with DVDFab DVD Ripper, just opt for Ripper tab from the option bar. Next, load the source DVD you want to rip. DVDFab supports three formats of DVD sources including DVD discs, DVD ISO and DVD folder. As for DVD discs, there is no limitation in the kind and produced time. DVDFab is a qualified DVD decrypter, which can remove all the known protection along with the region code restriction to make the content totally accessible for you. No matter the classic movies or the blockbusters, DVDFab can unlock the encryptions and region code in seconds, that's really the basic and important features a DVD ripper should be equipped with.

DVDFab has a rich profile library, which covers all the video and audio formats you may know including the 3D video formats, advanced H.265 video formats and ultra definition 4K formats. And it also collects various devices in, like smart phones, tablets, 3D devices, TV Boxes, game consoles, etc. Apart from the profile, other flexibilities DVDFab provides you are the output audio tracks and subtitles options. You can choose which audio & subtitle stream to be kept among the embedded ones recognized by DVDFab.

For more specific requests concerning the output DVD, just go to the Advanced Settings part. Here, you can set all video and audio parameters about the output DVD like codec, resolution, sample rate, bit rate, video quality, etc. What's more, DVDFab's exclusive video edit feature gives you the power to deeply customize the video like adjusting the video effect, trimming the specific parts you need off, cropping the video with the display area you need, adding external subtitles or watermark.

Like the input formats, DVDFab gives more options concerning the output formats. You can copy the DVD disc/ISO/folder to a blank disc, you can also save it as digital formats like ISO or folder, for viewing on PC or hard drives.

To begin copying, all you need is just make a mouse click to hit the Start button. Then the DVD ripping starts immediately and finished usually in 10-20 minutes. Actually, the processing speed is determined totally by your PC hardware performance, the source size and the writing speed of your writable drive.

After finishing the DVD ripping, check the output DVD with anyone of the mainstream media player. You can hardly find the difference between the source and the result. And for viewing it with your device, just transfer it to your device if you've set the same profile.

DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac is just such kind of Mac DVD ripper worth your attention with time past.

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