How To Clone a DVD Disc as a ISO File to Play on a TV

Large screen TVs and high definition audio devices make it possible to enjoy a film at home without going to a theater. Movie fans always copy the discs to another format for storing and sharing with other family members in a home local area network.

Many Android boxes are popular like Amazon Fire TV, WD TV live, Roku, VidOn box. Also, theses boxes support playing kinds of popular videos like MP4, MKV etc. But when comes to a disc, it would be better to play the file as the source to enjoy the whole features like a menu, a trailer, a bonus. So how to get this file which is the same as the source disc?

DVDFab DVD Copy - Clone mode offers a solution to this issue. With DVDFab DVD Copy - Clone mode, a blank disc is not a necessity. The source DVD disc can be converted to a ISO file and then save the ISO to a USB hard drive or a NAS, then, connect the USB hard drive or NAS to the Android box and play it on the TV.

In DVDFab, Clone mode is not the default copy mode in most cases. So it needs to be found out at first. Under DVDFab “Copy” window, at the left side there is a Copy Mode area by clicking on which can expand all the copy modes, see illustration as below:

Now, choose Clone/Burn mode.

Source from a disc is Clone mode.
Source from a copied movie folder/file is Burn mode.

After finding the copy mode, load a disc into the drive which is connected with the computer and DVDFab will access to the disc by itself. After the reading process finishes, it will display the movie name on the source bar. See below:

Do not make any other settings. Leave them as the default ones.
Following, go to the “Save to” area at the bottom, click on the ISO image at the right side of “Save to” bar, which indicates the output file will be saved as a ISO file. See below:

Then, assign the target path to a location like the C drive on the computer or the desktop.
All is set now, only to click on “Start” button to proceed.

Needless to say, after the copying process completes, a ISO file will be gained. Users can verify the ISO first with a software player like VLC or DVDFab Media Player. Or, no need for this at all. Directly move the ISO to the device which will be hooked up with the Android box or add the ISO to SMB, FTP etc. Then add that to the Android box. Now, the ISO can be played on the TV with the box and users can sit down on a couch or sofa with a remote control to enjoy the movie.remote control to enjoy the movie.

Many users are building a home movie theater with a projector, a physical box, a USB hard drive, and hope to be immersed into the movie world at any time they want. So as long as they have the movie disc, no matter it is an old movie or a new movie, they can copy it as a ISO file, then play the ISO on their TVs.

Different brands Android boxs are sprung up like the mushrooms. It heralds a era of enjoying the digital life with a new method. No need for blank medias, no need for burning troubles. With DVDFab DVD Copy - Clone mode, the source DVD disc will be transformed to a ISO and be viewed on a TV by an Android box.

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