How to fix Pen Drive Unable to Format Problem

Sometimes we are trying to format Pen Driver, USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, SD Card but it's showing unable to format problem. Now I am sharing about how to fix this problem using Command Prompt. May be you got solution in this post.

Fix Pen Drive Unable to Format Problem

1. If your pen drive shown that Pen Drive unable to format than remove pen drive and re-insert in PC after Restart of PC.

2. After that recheck it's allow to formatting, if not than we will use Command Prompt

3. Now open RUN Program and type "cmd" and press Enter

4. Now type following command for formatting Pen Drive.

    Diskpart (Press Enter)

    list disk (Press Enter)

    Now you seen list of disk so check which disk shown Appropriate Disk size of pen drive and select it

    Select Disk 1 (Press Enter)

    clean (Press Enter)

    create partition primary (Press Enter)

    active (Press Enter)

    Select partition 1 (Press Enter)

    Format FS Fat 32 (Press Enter)

5. After that your Pen Drive/ Memory Card/ Flash Drive allow to format and you will able to access your Pen Drive easily.


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