How to Switch Off on 2G 3G Data in Micromax Mobile

This  time android mobile is very famous in world and i thing every android mobile have internet data or 2G data or 3G data  and peoples every day using this data but some time they don't know how to switch off mobile data because when we don't use internet but android mobile application use mobile data every second so here i m share good method this method use through you easily switched off mobile data .

How to switch off mobile data :-

1. Go to android mobile setting .

2. Then go to data usage section (data usage < mobile sim select < mobile data < off)

3. other method (setting < mobile network < data connection < off)

How to 3G data on/off in micro max mobile :-
Go to micro max android mobile setting portion (setting < mobile networks < 3G services < off / on data )

Disclaimer :- Here i m sharing good method but if you have any other method so tell me in comments box i will update that's trick .

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