Simple advantages of mobile advertising for businesses

Meta Description: An effective reach, better accessibility, cost efficiency and new trends are some of the reasons you must advertise your brands and businesses on a mobile.


Over the last few years, the ways and methods of advertising as well as the tools to advertise have evolved so much that one can now have various choices of platforms to advertise on. With the growth in digital media and smart phone technology, you can really give yourselves tremendous opportunities to ensure you reach your target audience in the most effective manner with the idea of bringing in cost efficiency in your campaigns as well.
Within those platforms, the rise in mobile advertising has also become a crucial talking point in the marketing and communication world. Businesses and brands are focusing on getting closer to their customers via advertising on mobiles, hence when working on different campaign strategies, mobile advertising is also now starting to get a good handsome budget. Some traditional marketers might argue on the idea due to several reasons, which we are not going to focus on in this blog.Today’s blog is all about discussing the several benefits and advantages mobile advertising can give to a business, despite all the critics.

Accessible and effective reach:-

If you look at the recent consumer behaviors and trends, it is very evident even through many surveys and research that mobile usage and consumption in terms of internet has increased more than computers. This means people spend more time on mobile accessing their social networks and the internet. Therefore, if you are aiming to reach your customers at the right time and with perfect accessibility, then mobile advertising becomes a critical point of your marketing strategy.  In order to ensure that you have maximized the exposure of your message to the biggest chunk of your target audience who uses mobile more than computers, you must then select to run a massive campaign on mobile as part of mobile advertising.

Size and landscape:-

According to, mobile advertising numbers are multiplying faster than we can imagine. Even in the third world countries, the cheap cost of smart phones and internet means millions of people are now preferring to use their mobiles instead of computers. It is expected that very soon the use of mobile will completely overtake the use of computers in terms of internet and social media. This means that if you really are serious about getting through to your consumers in the most effective manner, then you will be stupid to ignore the relevance and importance of mobile advertising.


Mobile advertising costs only a fraction of what TV advertising costs you. It works on the similar model as internet advertising and you only pay when your desired action is taken by the consumer, for example, pay for every click or pay for 1000 impressions.

Need of the hour:-

One cannot emphasize enough on the idea of mobile advertising and its relevance. The stats, the numbers and the advantages clearly highlight that for lots of different brands and businesses with mobile advertising, if executed correctly, may do wonders and makes a lot of sense when it comes to running marketing campaigns and communications.

Author Bio:-

Katy Ciara is the author of this blog post. Jasmine works for an advertising agency in Scotland as an Account Manager. She likes to watch out for trends online and talk about them on blogs at I Need an Essay and users appreciate her way of presenting the new insights.

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