1.To become a Judge of the High Court one must be a practicing advocate of the high court for at least:
Answer:-10 Years 

2.India Economy is a:
Answer:-Mixed Economy

3.How many organs are there in U.N.O.?

4.Ezra Cup is associate with which sports?

5.The 1st Battle of Panipat was fought in the year:

6.The development Process under Capitalism has been described as "Creative Destruction"by:
Answer:-Karl Marx

7.The fastest,costlier and relative small form of storage managed by computer system hardware is:

8.In India,Dugong(sea cow)is found in the bio reserve site of: 
Answer:- Gulf of Mannar

9.Hari Prasad Chaurasia is a renowned player of:

10.Who was Akbar's guardian?
Answer:-Bairam Khan

11.Soap helps in better cleaning of clothes because:
Answer:-It reduces the surface tension of solution

12.J.B. Say's law of Market was not accepted by:

13.The slogan "Garibi Hatao"was included in the:
Answer:-Fift Plan

14.The National Emblem of Italy is:

15.Who is the author of book “Magic Seeds”?
Answer:-V.S Naipaul

16.The capital of Rawanda is:

17.Damping off of seedlings is caused by:
Answer:-Phytophthora infestans

18.“Madhu bani” a style of folk painting is popular in which of the
following states of India?
Answer: Bihar

19.Excretion in Hemichordates takes place by:

20.The abbreviation LHC stands for which machine?
Answer:-Large Hadron Collider

21.Life originated by chemosynthesis was proved in thelaboratory by?
Answer: Miller

22.USB is _________ type of storage device.
Answer: Secondary

23.Which of the following is commonly used in the preparing custard powder?
Answer: Maize

24.World Human Rights Day is observed on:
Answer: Dec. 10

25.To conserve coral reef the Govt. of India declared one of the following as Marine Park:
Answer: Gulf of Kutch

26.The phenomenon which causes mirage is:
Answer: Total internal reflection

27.Richter scale is used for measuring:
Answer: Intensity of earthquake

28.All vital atmospheric processes leading to various climate &
weather conditions take place in the:
Answer: Troposphere

29.People with Down’s syndrome invariably affected by:
Answer: Alzheimer’s disease

30.Normal blood pressure reading of an adult human:
Answer:120/80 mm Hg

31.The use of heat treatment of ore that includes smelting and roasting is termend:

32.The Ist battle of Panipat was fought in the year

33.The 'Great Bath' was found at
Answer: Mohenjodaro

34.Which country earned the title "The Queen of Seas"?
Answer: France

35.To whom did Allauddin Khilji entrust the mission to counter South?
Answer: Malik Kafur

36.Who was the first Delhi Sultan to break the power of the Turkish nobles known as the "Chahalgani" or the 'Forty'?
Answer: Balban

37.The Earth is nearest to Sun on
Answer: 3rd January

38.A sufficiently large scale map indicating the detailed surface features of an area including relief is called 
Answer: Topographical map

39.The lowest temeperature is recorded by
Answer: Alcohol thermometer

40.The most stable measure of central tendency is
Answer: Median

41.Centre for Ecological Sciences is situated at
Answer: Bengaluru

42.Of the following Rapeseed belongs to
Answer: Mustard

43.The first National Park of India is
Answer: Corbett National Park

44.Penicillin was discovered by
Answer: Alexander Fleming

45.Vitamin which provides immunity
Answer: A

46.Respiration is controlled by ______ part of brain.
Answer: Medulla Oblongata

47.0 In marine whales, the limbs are modified as
Answer: Flippers

48.Which of these travel in glass with minimum velocity?
Answer: Red light

49.Project Tiger was introduced in:

50.The disease which has been eradicated?
Answer: Small pox

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