top health application for android

Whether you can make the smart phone is the caretaker of health just a few applications to take advantage of the late.

Top Health Application for Android:-

1.Healthify Me:-
Nowadays everyone is most of the tension that far more obese or overweight should not eat food with calorie "HealthifyMe" will erase your concerns. The calorie counter application like Indian food database of 10,000 is on the high side. It will tell you what to eat, what not increase calories. Not so hey, it is also located on-site fitness tracker to track your activities and how many calories you burn to tell and what steps should be taken to improve lifestyle. This application will appear on the Google App Store. Once the subscription Paid dietitian and fitness trainer will also advise.
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2.First Aid American Red Cross:-
Suddenly a familiar humanitarian accident or if someone wants to help the helpful work I present to your help, "American Red Cross first aid" as soon as the application to crash what treatment the patient may be given a situation like . This is the app to get Detailsfull. Voice guide to better understand the steps, the video is also given to the app from the Google Play Store can be.
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3.Seven 7 Minute Workout:-

In today's busy life, not necessarily everyone Hour e to two hour walking to jogging and exercising. Easy Solution for members to stay busy, consumed minute of this amazing app app. I am the app you just consumed minute tips to stay fit and fine can get the application you can download from the Play Store.
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This app gives you the chance to take advice from a doctor in free. Applications Over 50,000 Doctors I have sub tie with mental and physical every disease that you can get advice related to the Problem of Children and the Women Doctors of all the problems associated with this application you can view for free You can download from the store.

Disclaimer:-This is top application for android if you  have more application related to android so send me contact E-mail address.

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