Lead the Life of a Digital Nomad

What is a digital nomad? Well, in order to fully understand the writing that follows, we will provide you with an introduction into what digital nomadism is all about. With the turning of the previous century, the Internet has skyrocketed into fame, gradually, but foundationally changing the world as we knew it. Creeping up on us, various new professions have seen the daylight.

However, most of age-old jobs have undergone a change too, and the point of the subject in question is: be able to travel and do your job from anywhere. Here is a list of some of the professions which can be regarded as digitally nomadic.


If you have an eye for this art form, you’ll be happy to know that there is no easier way to get into digital nomadism but photography. With the help of the online world, you can get a job at numerous travel companies, where you are not only able to work and travel, but this comes as a job description. There is nothing easier than sending photos to your employer, after a hard day’s work of chilling at a beach somewhere, taking wonderful photos. Chris, from BackpackerBanter, is currently in Thailand, working as a freelancer at photography. “I’m going onwards to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji… no idea where after that!” says Chris.

Website Designer

Now here’s an easy way to earn money – simply learn how to make websites (there are a ton of cheap courses available out there) and become a designer. There are two types of a website designer, however – if you’re looking for some extra pocket money, you can specialize in selling website templates, for those businesses or individuals, who do not think highly of the importance of having a unique site; if you’re looking to turn this into a profession, however, you can take orders individually, which means more time spent, but also a heftier income.

Web Designer

This one is often confused with the former. However, while a website designer doesn’t necessarily have to specialize in web design, a web designer has to own the entire website designer skillset. In this profession, you also make a website(s), but here, you’re making them for your own self. By fully designing it, you insert a part of your own self into it, making it fully yours. The most popular way to approach digital nomadism in this profession is by running travel websites. Becki from Backpackerbecki is currently in China, doing what she loves the most – travelling. “In short, I want to make a full time living from my main passion in life – travel.”, says Becki.

Online Trading

With the introduction of cheaper ways to invest, the trading companies such as Forex, Binary options and Penny stocks have seen the light of day. Binary options, for example is a great way to earn money while traveling. Resting on a two-option basis (hence the name), this is an easy way to earn your wages without huge initial investments. You can get more info about Binary options online.

Travel Blogs

Yet another digitally nomadic profession, creating a blog, on which to submit photos and travel stories, is a fantastic way to go places, without having to worry about your day job upon coming back home. In fact, you don’t even have to set anchor anywhere. Victoria, from UK, has come up with her own blog, Pommie Travels and now is enjoying vast experiences that our planet has to offer. “I saved up some money to go travelling, but on returning home I knew I just couldn’t do the 9 to 5. I decided to move to Bali and figure out a way to make an income online, which is when I set up my travel blog.”, she recounts. There is more than a handful other lucrative nomadic jobs out there, you just need to find you niche and start enjoying your life as a professional.

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