How To Recover Formatted Computer Hard Drive/Disk

Accidentally Formatted External Hard Drive

Our external hard drives are the main source of critical data which we carry everywhere to make sure our data is always with us. But these external hard drives can often throw errors, leaving us in a state of panic.

Apart from errors, the external drives can also be accidentally formatted by the user. But you have to know that even after the drive has been formatted, data can still be recovered from it. The first thing you need to do is disconnect your drive from the system and not do any more functions on the hard drive. There are many efficient data recovery software available which can help in recovering data from accidentally formatted external hard drive.

How can the data from the formatted hard drive be recovered

When you save data into your hard drive, it is saved in different free sectors of the drive and the information about these sectors is updated in the header tables. The header table is the main part of the hard drive from where you retrieve your data from. When some data is deleted from the drive, it is not exactly removed from the storage but its information is removed from the header table. This means that though certain sections of the drive still have your data, they are marked free and they can be overwritten by any other data which is saved to the drive later. This is why the first thing to do when you accidently format your hard drive is to disconnect it and not perform any other data operations on it.

Steps to recover data from accidently formatted external hard drive

Disconnect your hard drive

Disconnect your external hard drive from the system to make sure no data is written on the hard drive and it is exactly in the same condition as it was after getting formatted.

Download an efficient data recovery software

A data recovery software can make it easier and faster for you to recover all of your deleted data from the hard drive. It is important to use a reliable software to make sure all your data and not parts of it are recovered.

That is why we recommend,Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Softwareto recover data from formatted hard drive. The software is fast, efficient and easy to use.

Start the scan process

To start the scan process, connect your hard drive back into your system. Now open the data recovery software and select the hard drive as the drive where recovery process needs to be conducted. If you are only looking to recover certain files then you can mention that in the scan criteria, this will make the recovery process even faster. Once the scanning process is done, all the recoverable files will be listed in the software. You can preview all the files available to make sure if everything has in fact got recovered.

Save the recovered files

After you have all the files that you need, you just have to give the destination address of where the files need to be saved and the software will do the rest for you. All the files will be quickly restored to the address specified.

Why use Stellar Data Recovery Software

Apart from this being the most efficient software available online, Stellar Data Recover Software is quick and extremely easy-to-use. The entire interface of the software is designed in a way that even an absolutely new user with zero to little knowledge about the data recovery process can use this software successfully and recover the data. The special thing about this software is that it follows a read only approach while recovering data which saves the data from being over written.


Hard drives contain a vast amount of data when compared to USB flash drives and they are often our source of backup. Accidently formatting an external hard drive can definitely prove to be a panic mode situation and while you might think your data won’t get recovered, it’s actually very easy to recover the data. And with software like Stellar Data Recovery Software, the entire process gets extremely simplified and data can be recovered as quickly as you lost it.

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