Stock Trading Apps for Android

Remember all those movies regarding the famous Wall Street. It used to be that these heights were impossible to reach. With initial investments amounting to huge deals of money, an average person was generally rendered unable to participate in this profession. Nowadays, however, with the introduction of the Internet, things have changed more than tremendously.

The learning curve has been lowered, while cheaper investments are no longer a thing of fiction. With this in mind, the penny stocks were created, offering stocks at quite cheap prices, yet not amounting to a mere penny. If you own an Android-based device and are planning on or already practicing online trading, you will need some useful tools to get you going, as well as help you throughout your professional life.


This app provides you with an instant access to global finance and business news, as well as market data and portfolio tracking tools from trusted sources. The best part here is that you can personalize the information that matters here, while able to access it instantly.

You can benefit from an access to breaking news and top stories from over 45 categories, such as economy, currencies, commodities, emerging markets, energy markets, funds, bonds and various other. This app also benefits from various user-friendly tools and visualization, as well as a watchlist and various video and audio perks.

Stock Market Simulator Plus

If you are new to the Wall Street, you may try and compensate by obtaining experience from this convenient practice app. This useful app is a simulation of the real US stock market, with a 15-20 minutes delayed quote service. The fact that it can serve as a useful learning tool doesn’t mean that you should use it as a decision tool in real transaction. The company itself isn’t responsible for any losses caused in this way, according to their disclaimer. If you want to try yourself out at the trading game and yet want to avoid unnecessary monetary losses, this app can do you a world of good.


In order to quickly catch up on stocks you care about, as well as on recent market trend fluctuations, Stocktwits is the best way to go. Often regarded as Twitter for traders, you can get instant insights from fellow investors by using this useful Android tool. If you aren’t sure on how it all works, check out this guide for penny stock trading. The latest 4.1.9 update offers more detailed one week charts and a new watchlist sort for Robinhood position value.

E-Trade Mobile

Execute trades quickly with this app’s user-friendly interface. Additionally, this one offers voice search for finding specific stocks or company data. You can even move money out and into your bank account, within the app itself! E-Trade Mobile offers safe and secure logons, a Notification Center widget, an ability to view transactions, positions, real-time streaming quotes and balances.
As we mentioned, moving money has been made quite easy for mobile check deposit, Bill Pay, as well as Quick Transfer. In terms of functionality and user-friendliness, this app was equipped with a customizable dashboard and many other useful features. The latest 5.6.1 has introduced many bug fixes.

If you are looking for useful tools to get your trading business going or, indeed, enhance it and own an Android device, this list will go a long way in providing you with some basic relief in terms of applications. Even if you are a Wall Street big shot, you won’t be able to go too far along the road of success, without at least introducing yourself to the mentioned apps.

Disclaimer:-This is very good application for online trading if you have more application for android so you can comment on below box i will upload that app on my site.

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