5 Expert Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

2015 was a year with an outstanding number of cyber-attacks. Usually, most hackers wanted financial gain, yet there were some moral cases where one's believed that certain companies threatened human kind. Whatever the reasons for their attacks, they sure will not stop and will hit stronger in 2016. As the technology advances, so do the ways in which cybercriminal can evolve, thus giving the opportunity to every hacker to bask in future bounties. There are many things to look after, and listed below are 5 most dangerous threats lurking behind the corner.


As we all know, the impact of ransomware is growing exponentially. Just in 2015, the costs were beyond $300 million. Basically, this type of attack encrypts your private data and makes your files inaccessible until you pay the ransom. For most users, it is just easier to pay the ransom fee which is usually small, rather than to spend much more time and resources on retrieving data and at the same time trembling in fear if the data will be retrieved or not. This can all be avoided with a proper real time security protection, as well as with proper knowledge gained in this field. One can never be too careful when it comes to private information.

Phishing sites

The past year marked the rise of the most sophisticated way of obtaining someone else’s information, also known as spear phishing. Many hackers use simple codes to mask a website with a familiar face, and thus trick you into literally “hanging over the keys”. Once they obtain your private data, passwords and other information, they will use it to strip you down of all worth. Phishing is a serious felony, and one should always carefully read the name of the website he is visiting, or end up giving someone else his precious information. In order to detect them, you would have to have a combination of real time protection and monitoring system with protective blocking capabilities. Also, getting to know more about phishing is a huge plus, so consider taking a course.


Never rely solely on trust that your cloud providers are keeping your information safe. Always test your third party vendors, and verify their integrity for more and more employees over the world bypass IT in order to obtain the information they need. This is a clear security breach, and in order to prevent it from happening, be sure your data is in the safe spot. Set high security standards, monitor your data on a daily basis and stay clear from unverified clouds and vendors


The most common way of infiltrating someone’s PC or laptop is by using spyware or worms. These little programs are evolving daily and in most cases you would have to do a full system scan in order to find them. It is very important for each business to have good remote access software for most of the businesses have weak internet protection and are exposed to many harmful malwares. These businesses might be targeted in the upcoming year, so it is always a safer option to protect yourself and your business while you can.

Controlling the data flow

As the internet looms into every corner of our everyday life, it becomes harder and harder to control all the entry points and data flow. Every access has to be limited and secure in order to be fully safe. Oversight is needed, and all sensitive data should be immediately encrypted and its access restricted. Make sure you have all of the above mentioned cyber securities in order to get through 2016 without major consequences, or none at all. Control your data flow, and make sure you have full access to its security and monitoring.

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