Some of the Smartest Ways to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Caption Copy

Make Your Posts Appealing by Adding Desired Information with Emoticons to Your Caption Copy

You always want to grab the attention of your readers, and so you love to add captions along with your pictures on Instagram. But, sometimes, it happens that you run over a long caption of a picture that is one immense passage of unbroken content. It usually happens with the brands that they want to add maximum information about the products and so they post a long caption with their product picture to promote it. However, very long captions can lose the interest of your readers, particularly when they scroll their Instagram just to spare their time. So, how you can add all the information that you want your readers to read through all?

The solution is actually something you may already know. It is that you try to add paragraph spacing to make your caption look attractive and easily readable. But the issue arises when you want to edit your caption or add paragraph spacing while using your Instagram app; the caption actually reverts back to zero-spaced formatting as you click the ‘done’ button which spoils all your efforts. To sort out this issue for you there are three instructions that can help you out to create paragraph spacing to your instagram caption copy:

1: Use an Indirect and Smart Way to Write/Edit Your Caption

As it is mentioned above that your formatting will be zero if you edit your caption. So the smart way to do that is to use your smart phones!

• You can easily write and edit your caption with spacing on the notes application on your smart phone, or you can also type it on your message draft, or simply do it on the draft of your email.

• After making all the changes you want, just copy and paste it as a post of your Instragram caption.

• You will have your desired caption just as the way you want to look like!

2: The Best Way to Add Emoticons or Emojis is in Between Sentences

In case you also love to express your caption by utilizing the emojis, then you need to incorporate the emojis in between of the sentences.

• Do not use them at the start or end of the sentences. Something else you can attempt is including emojis in the middle of your section dividing, that is the paragraph spacing.

• Just write your caption in your smart phone’s notes application or anywhere you are convenient with and include your paragraph spacing by hitting the ‘return’ button two or three times.

• Now when you are satisfied with your caption, then put in your emoticons in between your passages or paragraph spacing. Here you go by expressing your expressions you want to!

3: The Foremost and Essential Rule is to insert Additional Spaces in Between Your Paragraph Spacing

This is the most important instruction to follow. Whenever you want to edit your Instagram caption just copy it and paste it on your notes application.

• Now add the spacing twice that is to hit the enter button twice to create double spacing between paragraphs.

• This is for the reason that if there is a space before the word or any punctuation mark where you need to add in paragraph spacing, then, you would not get the spaced-out caption that you may search for.

• We hope that by following the above three instructions you will be smartly dealing with the changes to your Instagram caption copy and make your captions look better as desired.

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